Visiting Loretto

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Follow our pupils on a guided tour of the School and listen to what they say about life at Loretto. Find out more from our Headmaster and teaching staff about our ambition for our young people. Click here to start your tour now!


There are many opportunities for parents and prospective pupils to visit Loretto before joining the School.

Individual visits are possible throughout the academic year. At Senior School, visits last between two and two and a half hours and would normally include a meeting with Senior staff, a pupil-guided tour of Loretto, a meeting with the Headmaster and a House Master/Mistress, and other members of the teaching staff when appropriate. At Junior School, visits last between one and two hours and would normally include a meeting with the Head of the Junior School, and a pupil-guided tour.

Open Days are held on several dates during the academic year. All Open Days include talks by the Headmaster and by pupils, a guided tour of the School, and a chance to meet House and teaching staff. Children and extended family are most welcome to attend.


To find out more, please contact our Admissions team on +44 (0)131 653 4455 or at

Watch our video tour, guided by pupils: