Day trips

What can be more real for a child studying about Mary, Queen of Scots than visiting, for example, the Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh or the battle fields outside Musselburgh to get a real understanding of the life and times of the 16th Century? What can bring a project on the Rainforests to life better than a visit to the Tropical Glasshouses at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh?

In the Junior School we have a comprehensive and exciting programme of curricular and co-curricular trips away from school. Our philosophy of making learning real and active is therefore partnered with trips to the local environment, cultural activities, museum and site visits, hosting visiting speakers and running workshops. We are most fortunate to benefit from being so close to Edinburgh and yet having the advantage of being based in East Lothian.

Example of day trips:

  • Museums and historical sites (Museum of Scotland, Museum of Moden Art, Falkland Palace, Bannockburn Heritage Centre...)
  • Zoos and wild life centres (Edinburgh Zoo, 5 Sisters Zoo, Seabird Centre)
  • Science (Observatory, Dynamic Earth...)
  • Theatres (Leith, Imaginate, Brunton, King's...)
  • Outdoor adventures (Paddling at the Musselburgh Lagoon, walk up Arthur's Seat...)
  • Workshops in Drama, Science, Ceramics, Design, Music, Vikings and more

Residential trips for each year group

We run residential trips for each year group, starting in Year 4. This follows a progression over the four years, so that pupils build on their experiences of staying away with their peers. Some trips have a curricular bias and others have an outdoor activities focus, to provide the children with a number of different experiences. Our trips provide the children, not only with fun, but also allow them to develop greater confidence and independence, whilst learning important team skills.

Example of residential trips:

  • Trip to York to study the Victorian times, including a visit of the Beamish open air museum.
  • Outdoor activities trip to Broomlee Centre and Dalguise.
  • Team building and outdoor adventure trip to Loch Ken.
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