The Loretto Reds

The Loretto Reds is our marquee elite golfing programme designed to raise and realise the competitive skills of a select group of players. This challenging and demanding programme combines an annual competitve calendar of World Amateur Golf Ranked (WAGR) events with a six day a week training programme. As most of these players see the next step of their development as being a US College Scholarship, we have designed this programme in conjuction with US College coaches.


A Tour Player Style Team Approach

Each Loretto Red has a team of professionals working with them to develop their competitive and life skills.

Each player has two Performance Managers; one who oversees their tactical, on course and in classroom performances and the other who oversees their physical development. 

The Loretto Head Coach works with the players on a one-on-one basis, takes them for training multiple times per week and observes them playing at competitions.

The Loretto Director of Golf oversees their overall development both on the course and in the classroom and manages their continued educational progression to either a US or UK University. 


Personalised Competitive and Training Programmes

As every player is unique to their annual calendar of events and training programmes. However, most are based around six to nine WAGR events at or around Loretto with three to four Major Championships around the British Isles. 

Below is an example of an average pre-competition training week. As every player has a periodised traning programme, these can differ if they are in base training, pre-competition, competition or rest and recovery. 


One on One Training

A one on one coaching and physical training session.

Three to four gym sessions per week.

Access to the indoor training facitlity 6 days a week during free periods and prep sessions.


Group Training and Competing

Monday 4-6pm: Driving Range Session

Tuesday 2-6pm: 9-hole Qualifier at Cragielaw Golf Club

Wednesday 4-6pm: Performance testing and training session at the Academy

Thursday 2-5:30pm: Skills testing and training session Renaissance Golf Club

Friday 4-5:30pm: Physical testing and training sessions at the gym

Saturday 1-5:30pm: 18-hole qualifier at Longniddry Golf Club

Sunday: Rest and recovery day. Players are able to play at partner courses if they choose.