Scholarships, Exhibitions and Bursaries

Scholarships and Exhibitions

A Scholarship or Exhibition is recognition of exceptional ability and promise and is usually accompanied by a financial reward. cholarships and Exhibitions are won in open competition and can be worth up to 10% of the tuition fees. A Scholarship is worth between 5% and 10% of the tuition fees and an Exhibition is worth up to 5% of the tuition fees. The number and size of Scholarships and Exhibitions are at the discretion of the Headmaster. In case of need, Loretto will consider applications to supplement the award with a means-tested bursary. Scholarships are available to applicants who intend to study at Loretto for a minimum of two years. Scholarships are available to UK and International applicants but are only available at the Senior School. Scholarships are usually only available at point of entry to the School.

The bestowal of any Scholarship or Exhibition carries with it privilege and responsibility. Every Scholarship and Exhibition holder is expected to set an example for other pupils in their conduct and approach to academic study, and participate in the fuller life of the School, through its programme of extra-curricular activities. The tenure of a Scholarship or Exhibition is intended to be for the duration of the holder’s education at Loretto, provided the holder’s academic progress and general conduct remain satisfactory and provided the holder continues, enthusiastically, to fulfill the obligations associated with the Scholarship. From time to time scholars may be required to attend events on a Sunday and during holiday periods.

Scholarships and Exhibitions are subject to an annual review and on entry into the Sixth Form. The School reserves the right to withdraw a Scholarship if the pupil no longer meets the criteria.

Scholarships and Exhibitions are available as listed below:

Entry at 12+ (Second Form): Academic, Golf, Music, Piping, Sport

Entry at 13+ (Third Form), 14+ (Fourth Form), 15+ (Fifth Form), 16+ (Lower Sixth Form): Academic, Art, Drama, Golf, Music, Piping, Sport

Scholarships are only usually available at point of entry except for Art and Drama where current pupils moving from Second Form (Year 8) to Third Form (Year 9) may apply for an award.

For more details about the different Scholarships and Exhibitions, please download our Admissions & Awards booklet:



Means-tested bursaries form the major part of fee assistance offered by Loretto (for entry at Senior School only). Bursaries are intended to help those pupils likely to gain from an education at Loretto and who will contribute well to the life of the School, but whose parents cannot afford the full fees. Our bursary approach is one of moving forward in partnership and openness between the family and Loretto. A limited number of bursaries of up to 105% (100% for fees and 5% for extras) are available to those families who hold a UK bank account and whose children meet the entry criteria. In exceptional circumstances funding may be available to families living overseas and who do not hold a UK bank account. This will be restricted to a maximum of 50% of fees.

Applications for funding are usually decided in the Spring Term of the year of entry. All bursary applications should be submitted by 1 November in the year preceding entry and must be accompanied by a completed registration form and other admissions documentation (please refere to the application process on page 4). Late applications will not usually be considered.

Submission Deadline for Academic Year 2023/24

Applications for 2023 are closed.  Application deadline for September 2024 is 1 November 2023.

Eligibility for bursaries

There are normally two categories of bursary applicants:

  1. Parents of applicants whose children are not currently at Loretto, who wish to apply for financial assistance.
  2. Parents whose child is already at Loretto and who have suffered an adverse change in their circumstances.

Criteria for selection

  1. Bursaries are not normally awarded before a child is 12 years of age (ie joining the Senior School).
  2. Bursaries are awarded to boarders and day pupils.
  3. Consideration will also be given to those families who have more than one child whom they wish to educate at Loretto.
  4. The overriding criteria are the financial circumstances of the parents, the benefit their son or daughter is likely to receive from an education at Loretto, and the contribution he/she is likely to make to the life of the School. In assessing a Bursary candidate who is applying for entry, school reports are given importance as well as an interview at Loretto. We are unable to consider any application unless the child has been interviewed by a senior member of staff or the Headmaster.

Review of bursaries

In all cases bursaries are awarded on the condition that the bursary holder makes good progress. Bursaries may be withdrawn if the financial circumstances of the family alter. The bursary will be withdrawn if the bursary holder is considered by the Headmaster not to have maintained the progress required of him/her. Bursaries are reviewed on an annual basis.

The selection process

Applicants’ parents will be asked to complete a Statement of Financial Circumstances form and an Annual Household (income and outgoings) form. These forms are available from the bursary or Admissions Team. Bursary applications are assessed on their individual merits. The process of applying for a bursary can begin when a family has formally registered their child for entry.

Further information or to request bursary forms, please contact the Admissions Team on T: +44 (0)131 653 4455 or E:
Completed bursary forms should be returned to the Head of Operations, who will treat the information as strictly confidential. The Head of Operations can be contacted on T: +44 (0)131 653 4500 or E: